Plucked from the Nentir Vale into The Forgotten Realms!

David Williams, cavalier, squire of Lady Elizabeth, knew when he thrust the mysterious snake staff into the magical bubble surrounding the mummy priest that nothing good would happen. Not for them anyway, but nothing good either for the undead priest that they were fighting against, and losing.

It was one of those moments when everything seems to happen in slow motion. Lady Elizabeth yelling at him, encouraging him he supposed. Dobby the half elf wizard clutching his shredded chest as he slumped to the ground, hands red and wet. The aerial servant that only Dobby could see with his robe of eyes had finally let the half elf go, perhaps to follow the snake staff that had been tossed to David Williams. David thought that perhaps even now cold, invisible fingers would close around his neck and jerk him backwards. Too late though, David knew. He might die to the invisible creature’s claws, but the cavalier could feel the clash of energies between the staff in his hands and that of the protective bubble, disrupting each other as if magic fought magic to a standstill. Sachmet, the mummified cat priestess contorted her body and mouth in a silent scream as visible magical energy leaked from her eyes, mouth, nose, fingertips, into the maelstrom of magic now swirling in a multitude of colours around her and the portal.

The portal to another world within the bubble suddenly expanded and everything in the room rushed towards it. The party, stones, bones, bodies of the slain, treasure piled in the corner. To David it felt like the portal swallowed him, although others would say later that everyone was sucked into it. There was a brief moment of cold as David passed through the portal, and then the sensation of falling. There was daylight and David blinked as he fell. He landed on firm cold ground, hard enough to knock the wind out of him. Then something struck him on the back of the head and he knew nothing for a while.


During the battle with the mummy priest Sachmet in The Nentir Vale the party were sucked through the portal into the Forgotten Realms! They landed somewhere near Scornubel, where winter seemed to be particularly clingy and reluctant to release it’s grip upon the land. But there was time to rest and recuperate, find allies, and perhaps find new purpose. And perhaps new enemies as well.

Sword Coast Avengers

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